The Institute Director and Principal Instructor is Hazem Gidamy, P.Eng. who is well-known to many of the municipalities and government officials as an Acoustic Consultant and an educator on the subject of acoustics, noise and vibration control engineering.

Hazem Gidamy is also the Principal of the Consulting Engineering firm SS Wilson Associates which is one of the leading and first established acoustical consulting engineering firms in Ontario. SS Wilson Associates was founded in 1975 and Hazem joined the firm since 1986 following a 13 year career with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change head office in Toronto from 1974 where he reached the position of Supervisor of the Noise Assessment Section responsible for the Provincial noise control program.

Hazem Gidamy is a post graduate in 1974 from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario with a Master of Engineering Degree in Mechanical Engineering (aircraft and industrial noise).

Hazem is also a; full time practitioner in all fields related to acoustics, sound and noise control engineering for the private and public sectors with experience related to over 3,500 projects.

The following paragraphs highlight the experience of Hazem Gidamy as far as training courses for noise is concerned;

1. Delivery of well over 200 full lecture days to numerous municipalities in Ontario as the Principal Course Lecturer/Director of the Institute for Municipal and Governmental Training since 2004.
2. Delivery of several seminars on industrial and occupational noise to several industries in the Hamilton area while employed by McMaster University as a Research Assistant. Participated as a lecturer for a McMaster University undergraduate course on vibrations and noise.
3. Spearheaded the development of the first few editions of several MOE course manuals while employed by MOE from 1974 to 1986.
4. Organized and participated in teaching four MOECC courses while employed by the MOECC.
5. While employed by the MOE, developed and delivered 2 day training courses on occupational noise to assist the Ministry of Labour staff in enforcing their legislation.
6. Delivered and participated in numerous seminars to private, public and institutional forums such as U of T Medical School, Ontario Good Roads Association, York University, Cabinet Committee on Resources Development…etc..
7. Part-time lecturer in Mohawk College in Hamilton on Occupational noise for 6 years as part of a diploma Certificate on Occupational Hygiene

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