Photos of latest training sessions held in the offices of several Ontario municipalities including outdoor training sessions

May 29, 2007 - A One Day Special Seminar to York Region Staff Only on York Region’s New Traffic Noise Mitigation Policy and Guidelines

At the request of York Region, a one day special seminar was held at York Region offices which was attended by over 15 staff members of Engineering and Transportation. Highlights of the seminar:
- Detailed course notes were prepared in advance based on York Region’s policies and practices
- Noise Modeling workshop was conducted using the Institute’s notebook PC’s.
- Presentation of case studies from our experience in the Region
- Valuable group discussion on issues of concern and problem solving.

November 27, 2006 – A One Day Special Seminar on the New York Region Noise Policy for the Consulting Industry

In order to assist the consulting industry when dealing with all aspects of York Region’s 2006 Noise Policies, a one day special seminar was held in the Premiere Ballroom & Convention Center in Richmond Hill. The seminar was attended by well over 30 persons representing:
- Local and Regional municipal staffs
- The Consulting Engineering industry
- Land use Planners and Architects
- Solicitors

October 20, 2006 – A One Day Special Seminar on the New City of Ottawa Noise Guidelines

Early in 2006, the City of Ottawa approved a new comprehensive policy on all aspects of noise in the planning process. The Institute sponsored a one day special seminar to provide insight into the new policy/guidelines as far as implementation, which was attended by over 30 participants. Participation was excellent as different disciplines attended the seminar and the City of Ottawa staff moderated the final group discussion. Participants included:
- City of Ottawa staff representing several departments
- The consulting industry; engineering, planning, acoustic, architects and developers

May 3, 2005 – One Day Seminar Was a Successful Event

At your requests, the Institute delivered a one day special educational seminar to cover all topics related to Acoustics, Noise, Sound and Vibration in Ontario; the theme of the seminar. The welcome address was delivered by Mayor William Bell, Mayor of the Town of Richmond Hill whose municipality is actively engaged in the delivery of a comprehensive noise program.

Over 50 delegates from numerous local and regional municipalities as well as delegates from some Provincial Ministries attended the 1 day seminar. The municipalities included Orangeville, Aurora, Clarington, Thorold, Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Peterborough, Markham, Richmond Hill, Orillia, Burlington, Grey, Wilmot, Woolwich, Halton Hills, Regional Municipality of Halton Hills, Regional Municipality of York Region and from the Province, MOE and MTO.

The one day seminar covered basics of sound/vibration, who is responsible for noise in Ontario, applicable legislation, policies and guidelines, current issues and new directions There were several guest speakers including Ms. Karen Fraser from the City of Brampton, Mr. Chris Blaney from MTO and Mr. Scott Thorburn from the Consulting Engineering Firm URS Canada. The sessions were led by Hazem Gidamy and Header Merza of SS Wilson Associates, Course Directors.

Some of the latest sound measuring devices were also put on display. To all of you, thank you for making this event a successful educational day.


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